Zapier + Google Sheets + Cotter: Send User Data to Your Google Sheets using Zapier

Know who logs in to your site and get the list of user emails imported to Google Sheets.

How it works

When you integrated Cotter to your site and a user logs in using Cotter Login Form, Cotter will immediately create a new user for you. This user is stored in Cotter's database and can be accessed through our Zapier integration. Using Zapier, you can send user data to Google Sheets. The user data that are available are defined in the documentation for User object.

Google Sheets Setup:

  1. Create a new Google Sheets.

  2. Add headers on the first row, like below. See this Google Sheets Example.


  1. Add Cotter Zap using this invite link:

  2. Click "Make a Zap".

Cotter Zap

  1. Under "When this happens ..." choose "Cotter" and let the trigger be "New User".

  2. Enter your API Keys as instructed. You can get your Cotter API Keys from Cotter's Dashboard.

  3. Find Data to see a test data.

  4. If this is a new project and you do not have a user yet, you'll see "We couldn’t find an user". Create a new user in your  Cotter (1.0.0) Zapier - account and test your trigger again.

  5. Try logging-in into your website's "Cotter Login Form" located on your login page. Use an email address that you have access to. Once the login is successful, Cotter will automatically create a new user.

  6. Test the integration again.

Google Sheets Zap

  1. Under "Do this ...", choose Google Sheets.

  2. Choose action: "Create Spreadsheet Row".

  3. Login to the Google Account that you used to create the Google Sheets in the Google Sheets Setup section above.

  4. Select the Spreadsheet and the Worksheet which contain the headers in the Google Sheets Setup section above.

  5. Fill in the rest of the fields as follows:

6. Click "Continue" and then "Test & Review". You should see a row of record added to your Spreadsheet.

7. If it succeeded, you can turn on the Zap and it will insert new users to your Spreadsheet. (Zapier will check for new users every 2 minutes, please be patient when testing or click Run to fetch the data).

That's it!

You should be able to see something like this in your Google Sheets.

Under the "identifier" section, you will see all emails that log in to your website (a list of your users' emails).

Questions & Feedback

Come and talk to the founders of Cotter and other developers who are using Cotter on Cotter's Slack Channel.

Ready to use Cotter?

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