Webflow Forms: Include Logged In User's Email on Form Submissions

Link form submission data to submitter's email on Webflow.

In this tutorial, we're going to guide you on how to link form input to the submitter's email/ID.

This way, you know which dataset belongs to which user. See example below.

How it works

Logged-in users can fill out your form and submit it for your review. In this example, we will create a job application site where job applicants are required to login to submit their job application.

Home Page: A page that is accessible by public. The Cotter Login Form can either be placed in the Home Page or you can create a separate Login Page.

Protected Page: A page that is only accessible by logged-in users and contains the input form.

Let's get started

1. Make sure you have followed the tutorial on how to protect a page (only allow logged-in users to access the page).

2. Make sure you're using this <script> tag for your Login page. Add it to your Protected Page that has the form:


3. Add a Form to your Protected Page. Set the "id=user-data-form-a"

​4. Add this code to the Body of the Protected Page:

 window.onload=function() {
  var cotter = new Cotter("<YOUR API KEY ID>"); // 👈 Specify your API KEY ID here
  var user = cotter.getLoggedInUser()
  var userEmailField = document.createElement("input");
  userEmailField.setAttribute("type", "hidden");
  userEmailField.setAttribute("name", "email");
  userEmailField.setAttribute("value", user?.identifier);
  var userIDField = document.createElement("input");
  userIDField.setAttribute("type", "hidden");
  userIDField.setAttribute("name", "cotter_user_id");
  userIDField.setAttribute("value", user?.ID);
  // 👈 Append this to each form element that you want with the form's id

(If you have more than 1 form, you can copy the code above and replace user-data-form-a with your Form's id.

That's it!

We've arrived at the last part of this tutorial and all that you need to do is to click publish.

Questions & Feedback

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Ready to use Cotter?

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