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Build a Custom Client Portal on Airtable Using Cotter Login

Build a scalable, secure, and flexible client portal on Airtable using Cotter, Sync Inc, and Next.js.

Add a Login Form to Your Notion Website in Under 10 Minutes! (with Cotter Integration and Custom Routes)

Use Notion to create a website and add a login form without any code.

Cotter + Cloudflare Workers + Google Calendar API: Build a Calendly Clone using Google OAuth

Build a serverless Calendar Booking App using Cotter, Cloudflare Workers, and Google Calendar API.

Add Google OAuth to your Login Form, No-Code!

Allow users to log in using their Google credentials without worrying about duplicate accounts.

The Simplest Way to Authorize Github OAuth Apps with Next.js and Cotter

Add "Sign in with Github" in one click to authorize your Github OAuth App and access Github REST API using Cotter and Next.js.

How to Make an Interactive Todo List CLI using Python with an Easy Login Mechanism

Build your own Todo List CLI with Python using packages like Click, PyInquirer, and Cotter in minutes!

OAuth 2.0 - Before You Start: Pick the Right Flow for Your Website, SPA, Mobile App, TV App, and CLI

OAuth 2.0 has at least 4 different flows for different use cases. Find out which flow you should use to secure your app.

What is WebAuthn: Logging in with Face ID and Touch ID on the web

Enable TouchID and Windows Hello authentication to your website. Introducing WebAuthn: how it works and how to implement it.

LocalStorage vs. Cookies: All You Need to Know About Storing JWT Tokens Securely in the Front-End

JWT Tokens are awesome but how do you store them securely in your front end? We'll go over the pros and cons of localStorage and Cookies.

What on Earth Is OAuth? A Super Simple Intro to OAuth 2.0, Access Tokens, and How to Implement It in Your Site

Get a quick intro on what OAuth 2.0 is and how signing in with OAuth 2.0 works – explained in simple terms using Google Sign In as an example.

Stop spending days to code your login page! Add Cotter's magic link to your Gatsby app under 5 minutes

Supercharge your Gatsby app's authentication system with Cotter's magic link. Like how Slack does it, but simpler.

Flutter Email & Phone Auth: 3 Simple Steps To Log Your Users In via Email, SMS, and WhatsApp using Cotter

In this tutorial, we'll build a flutter app that allows users to sign up and sign in with their email or phone number instead of using passwords.

Fast Passwordless Auth in Flutter: Add a One-line Sign Up and Login with Device using Cotter

In this tutorial, we'll create a Flutter app from scratch that allows users to sign in with their device.

Passwordless Login with Email and JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication using Next.js

How do you log your users in and how do you give them access? We'll go over how to authenticate and authorize users without passwords in Next.js.

Angular: Send Email, SMS, and WhatsApp Verification Code to New Users Worldwide

In this tutorial, we'll create a new Angular website and add a simple email and phone number verification. To verify the user's phone number, we'll give the options to send the code via SMS or WhatsApp.

Say Goodbye To Passwords: The Easy Way to Add Sign In With Device to Your React Native App in 5 Minutes

We'll go over how to build a React Native app and allow users to "Sign in with device".

Bubble Tutorials

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Restrict Your Bubble Site Login to "Allowed" Emails Only using Google Sheets

Only allow certain emails to log in to your Bubble site! Use cases include RSVP, waitlists, student lists, and more.


Build A No-Code Medium Publication Clone With Magic Link Using Bubble.io

Create your own no-code collaborative blogging platform with Cotter's magic link.


Here's How to Integrate Cotter's Magic Link to Your Bubble Site!

Build a Bubble site with password-less login using magic link.


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Webflow Forms: Include Logged In User's Email on Form Submissions

Link form submission data to submitter's email on Webflow.


RSVP-only event on Webflow

Add RSVP to your free events on Webflow to manage attendees!


How to Restrict Your Webflow Website Login to "Allowed" Emails Only

Grant access to your Webflow website waitlist on a rolling basis!


How to Start a Members-Only Blog with Webflow

Want your blogs to be accessed by members only? Ask readers to sign in to read the full article!


Here's How to Integrate Cotter's Magic Link to Your Webflow Site in Less Than 7 minutes!

In this tutorial, we'll build a webflow site with password-less login using magic link.

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