Sendeck - A Free DocSend Alternative for Secure Document Sharing

Want to share documents securely and to authorized viewers only? Sharing, tracking, and managing your documents is now as easy as sharing a link.

Securely share documents internally or externally by creating links.

Why use Sendeck?

  1. You want to track if the recipient has opened your document.

  2. You only want your document to be accessible to authorized viewers.

  3. You want to easily search through all your important documents by filtering people or files without the need of going back to your inbox.

Sendeck Features

🔗 Create Link

🔒 Authenticate

🗂 Track

Activity Tab: A feed that contains the interactions on your sent documents where you can check if your link has been opened and how many times it has been viewed. Shared with Me Tab: A list of document links that have been shared with you.

Future Updates

  1. Team Channels/Spaces

  2. Connect your inbox (Gmail)

  3. Track history and approve changes

Questions & Feedback

We’d love to hear from you to help us build a better file-sharing and file-management experience for your team. If you need help or have any feedback, ping us on Cotter's Slack Channel! We're here to help.

Ready to use Sendeck?

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