Passwords Will Be a Thing of the Past and Here's Why

In the last few months, we wanted to build a passwordless authentication into our app by implementing public-private key cryptography based on the FIDO and WebAuthn protocols. After our experimentation, Cotter has evolved to become a passwordless authentication API that any developer can simply integrate into their mobile/web app.

Cotter was initially built for our use, but our friends needed a passwordless solution for their apps too. They loved our API approach because it gave their apps a frictionless and secure authentication in 5 minutes. After we finished the basic features, we decided to open the API to our friends and both they and their users loved the passwordless experience.

⏰ Passwordless, now.

Phishing takes account of 81% of cyber-crime and it exploits weak and stolen passwords, so we need to eliminate it. Apps like Slack, Medium, and Google have all implemented passwordless authentication and you can too. Getting started isn’t easy, so we decided to open Cotter’s API to everyone.

To keep it simple, our API gives your app passwordless and phishing-resistant authentication with public-private key cryptography. This means there is no need for passwords, OTPs, magic links, or an authenticator app. On top of that it has no brand associations to companies like Facebook, Google, and etc.

If you’re a developer, consider adding a passwordless authentication to your app now. If you are a user ask for a passwordless authentication from the services that you use. The choice is yours, keep passwords and the risks associated with it, or go passwordless.

👋 Say Hi!

Come talk to us at our Slack channel and visit our documentation to go passwordless. Stay tuned for our tutorial on "How to build a passwordless login page" next week. If you can't wait, email us at

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