Send User Data from Cotter to 2,000+ Web Apps using Zapier

Simplify customer engagement and database monitoring by connecting Cotter user data to over 2,000 web apps using @zapier!

After providing a fast and seamless registration process to users with Cotter, it is also important for websites and apps to quickly monitor new signups and engage with them to build rapport, maybe convert them into a paying customer, or get user feedback.

Zapier makes it easy for you to connect Cotter with over 2,000 web apps.

To automatically store your signup data in your database, you can connect Cotter to Webflow, Google Sheets, or Airtable to name a few. To quickly engage with new signups, you can connect Cotter to MailChimp/SendGrid to send a welcome email, Slack to get a notification for every new signup, or HubSpot to automatically generate a lead for your sales team to contact.

Here are some practical ways you can do with your Cotter user data using Zapier.

Store user emails in Webflow CMS

A website built on top of Webflow (a no-code website builder) that uses Cotter to offer passwordless login to their users can use Cotter + Zapier to store their user data (email/phone number) in Webflow CMS. Every time a user signs up to the website, the new user email will be recorded in Webflow CMS.

In this case, the signup is the Trigger that starts the Action of adding a new row in Webflow CMS.

Send welcome email to new signups via Mailchimp

A website that uses Cotter to power their authentication flow can automatically send a welcome email via Mailchimp. In this case, the signup is the Trigger that starts the Action of sending an email.

You'll find hundreds of other Cotter integrations with your favorite apps at, or you can create your own!


  1. Send User Data to Webflow CMS

  2. Send User Data to Google Sheets

  3. Send User Data to Airtable

  4. Send Automated Email to New Signups via SendGrid

  5. Get Slack Notification for Every New Signups

  6. Generate a Lead in HubSpot for Every New Signups

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